Lola Ruiz Bueno

I am Lola Ruíz, a creative mind specialized in the audiovisual sector, director of Lola Ruiz Bueno Media and passionate photographer and videographer.

I highlight my ability to direct, manage and carry out pre-production, production and post-production processes of audiovisual content. I enjoy and am passionate about the development of the creative idea, that is, carrying out the entire process until it is materialized.

To date, I have developed campaigns for big brands, directed photo and video at festivals, reinforced and improved the image on social networks of businesses in practically all sectors, worked with hospitality companies around the world (Maldives, Mexico, Zanzibar… ), participated in the direction of photography in video clips and developing the art direction of advertising campaigns.

At Lola Ruíz Bueno, we have a professional team to carry out all our work. Land, Sea and Air! We work in any environment.

This is my most technical and important part. I hope that in person you can learn about many of my other characteristics and can enjoy the care and passion that I put into each project.

They trust Lola Ruiz
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